Lobster Trap Rope Door Mats


If it can survive Cape Cod Bay, it can handle your boots and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Made entirely of heavy duty rope used to harvest lobster off Cape Cod, these handmade mats are basically indestructible  - way better than your typical rope mats, which use virgin rope that is typically much less durable, and laughably better than standard door mats. 

Bonus - these mats are made right here on the Cape by a Provincetown teacher

Bonus - a portion of the proceeds goes to Center for Coastal Studies

Bonus  - by creating demand for used lobster rope, you encourage lobstermen and fishermen to bring in unusable rope for reuse on land rather than it ending up in the oceans, polluting the water and likely harming marine life.

Small measures approximately 18"x30", Medium measures approximately 20"x35" and large measures 23"x40". Two gauges of rope available, standard 3/8" and monster 5/8". Mats weigh between 5-20 lbs, depending on size and gauge of rope.

NOTES - Monster gauge mats are now ONLY available in all turquoise, not in neutral as shown on the main picture. The fisherman that John gets this gauge rope from has switched for now to turquoise, so there is no way to know when we will have neutral in stock again. 

For those of you who have been to the store, our door mat is a monster gauge mat in large size and is now almost 2 years old but still looks brand new despite being out there in rain, snow, sleet, sun and getting stepped on daily dozens of times a day.

The pictures are of an actual small, medium and large standard gauge door mat currently in stock. If you order online, I will ship you that mat! As they sell, I swap out the pictures.

Each standard gauge mat is completely one of a kind, colors will vary from delivery to delivery and are completely unpredictable. It depends what the lobster and fisherfolk and CCS give John.

If you have specific color requests, just email me to jay@arcadiaptown.com or call the store at 774-538-6046 during store hours.  Please note I can only offer you options from what is on hand. John does not take color requests; he's swamped with orders and can't take the extra time to find specific rope for specific customers.

Made on Cape Cod