Driftwood Whales


Quintessentially Provincetown.

Handmade by a New England native woodworker and his Afghani refugee helper from driftwood he collects from across New England beaches, each whale is completely unique with the natural patterns of the wood dictating the shape of each piece.

Lightweight, with a secure metal wire loop for easy display, these will fit in anywhere in your home either individually or as a pod. Just like real whales, no two are ever the same so you can really have fun arranging a wall display of different shapes, sizes and textures. Feel free to hang them outside, even in unsheltered spots - they will age beautifully and have gotten a light coat of teak oil to help protect them. 

Each piece is signed and dated by the artist and labeled with the source of the driftwood.

Smalls measure between 11-12" long by 3-4" tall by 1.25-2.5" thick and weigh between 5oz and a pound, depending on size and density of the wood.

Mediums measure between 15-18" long by 5-8" tall by 1-2.5" thick and weigh between 12oz and 2lbs, depending on size and density of the wood.

Larges measure 19" long by 7-9" tall and 2.5" thick and weigh between 1.5 and 2.5lbs, depending on size and density of the wood. 

Extra larges measure between 28.5 -33" long by 6-6.5" tall by 2-2.5" thick and weigh between 2lb 9oz and 3lb 8oz, depending on size and density of the wood. 

Double extra larges - #1 measures 32" long by 13" high and weighs 4.5lbs, #2 measures 40" long by 7.5" high and weighs 3lbs.

Jumbos measure between 35" - 48" long by 10"-11" tall by 2-3" thick and weigh between 2.5 and 6lbs, depending on the size and density of the wood.

Super Jumbo  - The Old One measures 54.5" long by 13" tall by 3.5" think and weighs 16lbs. This whale can NOT be shipped due to both it's size/weight and is not likely to survive shipping, but can be delivered anywhere on Cape Cod or within a 3 hour drive of Provincetown for FREE by arrangement.

Handmade in Connecticut.