Pilgrim Monument Egg Ornament with LED Light

Made exclusively for Arcadia, our Pilgrim Monument in it's holiday glory, with two options for lighting; the classic white lighting, or rainbow lighting that advances through the rainbow every 30 seconds. Gorgeous and unique, either way.

A real duck egg is carefully sliced lengthwise, a detailed diorama constructed within and backlit with an LED light controlled with a switch on the back, with access for changing the watch batteries as needed.

The egg itself is coated with many layers of paint and gesso to stiffen and protect the shell. The dioramas are created using found objects from the artist's garden, ceramics, resin, wood, metal and even dryer lint and seeds. The diorama is sealed into the egg with a pane of custom cut glass, and each egg comes with a secure loop and an ornamental hook for proper display. Eggs come in a decorative gift box with artist information on the inside cover.

Guaranteed to become a family heirloom and a beautiful reminder of Provincetown, this ornament comes in a beautiful gift box that will keep it secure for generations to come. The inside lid of the box has an artist statement and holds the ornamental hook for safe keeping.

Ornament measures approximately 4.25" tall by 3.25" wide and weigh 3 ounces.

Handmade in Oakland, California