Isle of Lewis Chess Sets


Perhaps the most famous chess set on earth, this is the official reproduction of the Isle of Lewis chess set. Named after the island in the Outer Hebrides where it was discovered in 1831, the set was en route via Viking traders from Scandinavia to Dublin when it vanished for centuries. The Outer Hebrides were then controlled by the Vikings.

The original pieces are now on display in the British Museum in London and in the Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. It is, of course, also the set which Ron Weasley rode to victory to allow Harry Potter and Hermione to pass through the maze in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

The Dublin, Ireland studio I purchase these sets from has the exclusive contract with both museums to produce exact replicas of the pieces for their museum shops. The board is the artist's own design, with incredible detail and ancient Celtic symbols - appropriate for a set destined for the Dublin market of ancient times.

The smaller board is designed to look as if it is made of wood, with deep woodgrain trim and handles to make it easier to move around as needed, while the larger, heavier board is intended for display, with intricate pattern and stonelike texture throughout.

All pieces and boards are made of compressed limestone/resin composite to give the feel and look of stone but the durability of resin for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

Small board measures 10.25" by 12" and weighs 3lbs, 5oz with pieces.

Large board measures 13 7/8" square and weighs 8lbs with pieces.

The King measures 3" tall, the pawns measure 1.5" tall. Pieces are oxblood and stone color.

Due to the handmade nature of these sets, no two will be alike and some pieces may not be perfectly vertical. That is intentional, to reproduce the original imperfections.

Handmade in Ireland