Root River Fountain


Peaceful days, calm nights.

Hand thrown ceramic is perfectly glazed in layers of crystalline earth tones with blues, black and silver flashes to create this beautiful fountain.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of fountains that are mass produced in China, this fountain is made by hand in Minnesota, is highly adjustable and produces significant burbling sound, but has minimal splashing and a huge reservoir of water, allowing it to run for days at a time without refilling. With a very small footprint, it can also fit into remarkably small spaces, making it perfect for offices, waiting rooms, or meditation spaces.

Appropriate for indoors or outdoors, this fountain should be brought indoors for the winter as the ceramic may crack in very cold temperatures. Easy to clean and disassemble for storing. Check our Facebook or Instagram feeds for video of this fountain so you can hear it in action.

Bowl measures 11" in diameter and 7" high on a 4.5" base. Total height is 8.5" and empty weight is approximately 12 lbs. Pump comes with a 3 year warranty.

Handmade in Minnesota