• Upcycled Cashmere and Corduroy Teddy Bears

Upcycled Cashmere and Corduroy Teddy Bears


Made from an old cashmere coat and corduroy jacket from my husband that we found during a COVID shut down clean up in the back of a closet, created by an artist in Falmouth right here on the Cape, these luxurious bears is truly one of a kind and a VERY limited edition of a total of 8 bears.

The perfect companion on your trip through life, this bear will wait patiently for you, ready for a hug, a tickle or just a knowing glance at just the right moment.

Due to the plastic eyes these are appropriate for people of all ages over 6.

Measures 12" tall by 9" wide. Each comes with a tag that says, "Handmade on Cape Cod for Arcadia"