• Black and White Striped Slump Glass Tray

Black and White Striped Slump Glass Tray



Casual elegance.

The perfect serving tray for basically everything; it will be the first piece you reach for whenever you have company. Ideal for cheese, sushi, fruit, candy, desserts, side dishes, sliders, kebabs, and on and on and on.

Handmade of randomly placed slices of bold black with stripes of pure white in different widths, these trays are a guarantee of cheer and good fun. Note that each tray is handmade and unique, so it will be similar but not the same as what is shown here.

Tray measures 6" by 12" and has a 1" rise, making it very functional for food served with liquids. Safe for use with hot food and dishwasher safe.

Handmade in Ohio