Slip Cast Porcelain Oval Platters


Hot stuff!

These slip cast porcelain ceramic platters are fired with an eye catching, food safe, bright glaze that is applied by hand. Perfect for serving charcuterie, cheeses and other nibbles, or as a jewelry tray by the bedside, it will make almost anything you serve on it totally Instagram-able.

Small platters measure approximately 8" long by 4" wide by 1/2" tall. Medium platters measure approximately 12" long by 7" side by 1" tall. Large platters (by order only, 6 weeks delivery time), 16" long by 10" wide by 1" tall.

Note that no two platters will be alike and that shape and color differences and shading are inherent in handmade ceramics. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Made in an all woman ceramics studio in NY State from locally sourced clay.