• Dahlia Trio Photo by Susan Karchmer

Dahlia Trio Photo by Susan Karchmer


Artist statement from Susan Karchmer:

My life has been a full and mostly joyous journey.

I grew up in and around NYC. From the start I was happiest when creating. In elementary school I won a prize for a clay bust of Toscanini in a city-wide competition sponsored by the newly erected Lincoln Center. As a teenager I spend my Saturdays at the Art Student League taking drawing and painting classes. In the mid 1960s I attended the art school in Boston that become known as the Art School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts at Tuffs.

After graduating from UMD and getting a degree in Sign Language Interpreting from Gallaudet University, I became a sign language interpreter. I specialized in performing arts interpreting while also working at Gallaudet as a program director for 12 years. I left because I wanted to do something new with my hands and eyes.

It was floral design. I was a freelance designer at the same time as I was a free-lance interpreter and there were some times when both paths crossed, such as when I designed and installed huge buffet pieces in the Great Hall at The Kennedy Center for a dinner reception, and then hurriedly changed clothes to appear on stage for their main program.

My most recent chapter began when my husband Michael and I moved to Cape Cod full-time in 2007. We joined the Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club and started honing our skills as photographers. We now partner on many photo assignments. We particularly enjoy working with community organizations and local magazines, including Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, WE CAN and The Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown.

My personal work as a photographer began with portrait photography, street photography, and abstract studies. My ongoing passion is for close-up and macro photography of flowers. My life’s pursuits as a gardener and floral designer have come full circle and are the mainstays of my art photography. In this exhibit you see images from two photo series; Unfurling and Shaking and Quaking.  

I started this bio by saying I have had a full and joyous life. I’d like to add that I am most grateful that creativity has been a steady component of how I view the world. With camera in hand, I am an explorer. Discovery is my motivation; to find something new or to see something known in a new way. I look for how visual elements such as light, shape, color, texture, and pattern create a relationship, a mood, a story, an experience.

Photo is 13 3/8" by 9", framed in black metal with white matting, measures 20.25" x 16.25" in frame.

Printed on Cape Cod, MA