Shona 7" Abstract Stone Elephant

These elephants are hand carved of serpentine, which comes in a huge variety of colors from green to blue to gray to brown to a melange of colors. Carved by master sculptors of the Shona tribe of Zimbabwe, these elephants are an artistic expression of the delightful nature of perhaps Africa's most popular animal.

Every piece is uniquely beautiful. The accompanying pictures are merely samples and will likely be different from what is currently in stock. Please trust that every piece will delight and none have ever disappointed. Call or email for details on coloration of current stock.

Imported into the US by a Fair Trade Federation member organization, funds raised from selling this sculpture supports a variety of community programs such as clean water, education, and women's empowerment in the artists' community. The elephant comes with a card that explains the significance of the piece and how it is made.

Elephant measures 7" tall by 5" wide by 1" deep.

Handcarved by Cuthbert Tendayi of Zimbabwe.