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Apophyllite Sterling and 14K Gold Cuff


Raw Apophyllite, a type of silicate crystal, is beautifully set with solid 14K gold prongs onto a simple, hand hammered double bar sterling silver cuff, designed to focus all the attention on a stone rarely used in jewelry design.

The brilliant mixture of warm 14K gold prongs, gently oxidized sterling silver cuff, the white and black background and crystalline and teal green foreground of this raw stone create a gorgeous color palette, perfect for a memorable night out on the town.

This bracelet is easily adjustable to fit almost any size wrist - just gently and slowly squeeze the arms together or stretch them apart to fit comfortably.

The stone measures approximately 1.75" in length by 1" in width at the widest point.

This is a totally one of a kind piece.

Handmade in Berkeley, CA

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