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Cast Bronze Frog


He's a good kisser. Promise.

This frog is a classic at Arcadia, a part of our collection for more than 10 years now and still just as popular. After all, don't we all love the idea of the right frog turning into a prince? This frog is a bit unusual, cast in solid bronze in Michigan, but you never know where your prince will arrive from.

No polishing is needed, though a good rub with a soft cloth ever so often will give him an extra shine for decades of enjoyment. Makes a great paperweight on breezy days, or just a steady companion through life's changes. This frog will always be there for you - and isn't that what princes are for?

Measures 2.5" front to back, 3" wide and 1" tall and weighs 6 oz.

Handmade in Elk Rapids, MI

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