Cobalt Cosima Platter



Modern energy frozen in ceramic.

Bright colors with high polish porcelain finishes capture the motion and energy the artist learned as a dancer in the ceramic art he produces. No two pieces are ever alike, but all express amazing power and boldness of design, using off center concentric circles to magnify the sense of movement to his work.

Cosima platters are totally functional for food service but are also designed to be easily hung on the wall as art, either on their own or in groups. Colors also coordinate perfectly with Cosima bowls, a long time best selling item at Arcadia.

Platter measures 14" in diameter and 1" high and weighs approximately 4.5 lbs. Hanging wire not included but can be easily attached on the interior backside rim by a professional framer.

Handmade in Mokelumne Hills, CA