• Cotton Bear Blanket
  • Cotton Bear Blanket
  • Cotton Bear Blanket

Cotton Bear Blanket

Lusciously soft. SO fun and sophisticated.

This lightweight cotton chenille blanket is so soft you will not want to put it down; just wrap yourself up in it (give yourself a bear hug!) and smile. Or, wrap yourself and a loved one in it; it's huge. Reversible design means you can have either charcoal with white accents, or flip it over and get white with charcoal accents.

I see a million uses for this blanket.

  • Perfect for a spring or fall evening around a fire pit as a layered blanket or anytime for a lazy day on the couch, especially when you're feeling a bit under the weather.
  • Ideal as a massive beach blanket - since the cotton is not looped, it won't pick up 5lbs of sand and can definitely be used as a towel when you and your significant others are done getting wet. Given it's size, there will be more than enough to dry off a clan, and even the tallest folks in your clan should fit on it.
  • It's especially fantastic as a lightweight extra blanket on even a king sized bed, certainly a queen or full sized bed. For reference, the pic is of this blanket spread out on my king sized bed at home.

Be sure to check out the baby blanket version - for the new bear cub in the family!

Measures 76" by 52", weighs almost 2lbs, and is made in Portugal.