• Dragon Medallion Lacquer Box

Dragon Medallion Lacquer Box


The dragon is the national symbol of China. A symbol of ancient power and of the Emporers, the Chinese people are referred to as the Children of the Dragon. The dragon is, in fact, the only creature that exists in every culture on earth as a symbol of power despite the fact that it has never actually existed. The dragon is one of four super intelligent symbolic animals that have been a major art motif in Chinese art for centuries, along with the tiger, tortoise, and pheonix. This piece often sells as a set with the other three medallions in this series.

This hand painted lacquer box art is handmade by Bai Shan, an artist residing in Beijing, China, and purchased directly from his exclusive representative here in the US. Bai Shan's painting technique combines the ancient Chinese arts of calligraphy and lacquer painting to create modern works of exquisite beauty. Bai was born in 1961, in Heilongjiang province, China. He studied at Ji Lin Art Academy for four years, graduating in 1987. Bai is a leading member of both the Chinese calligraphy association and the Chinese Lacquer Painting Association. He resides in Beijing and recently retired from his studio, so each piece of his work is extremely limited in supply.

Materials are lacquer on particleboard and measures 15.5" square by 2" deep. The sides are painted a matte black and the frame is designed for extremely easy and secure hanging using standard nails on an included support block.