Fair Trade Papier Mache Rainbow Dogs


It's a rainbow of adorable puppies!

These adorable but substantial dogs are made of papier mache, then decorated with fabulous rainbow colors.

The dogs are imported from Haiti by a Fair Trade Federation member organization, ensuring that the artists who make this work are fairly paid, work in safe and healthy work environments, use recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible, with no prison, slave or child labor involved, and put substantial funds back into the local community towards education, women's empowerment and healthcare.

Arcadia has sold this group's work for many years; in 2010, the disastrous earthquake that hit Haiti destroyed their workshop completely and they seemed to just vanish. Amazingly, this January I encountered them again and am thrilled to offer their work once more.

Schnauzer measures approximately 13" high by 4" wide and 19" long and weighs 1lb 6oz.

French Bulldog measures approximately 14" high by 7" wide and 16" long and weighs 1lb 10oz.

Hound measures approximately 18" high by 6.5" wide by 22" long and weighs 2lbs 11oz.

Handmade in Haiti.