• Fair Trade Vetiver Tassel

Fair Trade Vetiver Tassel


Breathe. Enjoy.

Known worldwide as an amazing fragrance, vetiver is actually a fast growing weed that is routinely burned to keep it from overwhelming agriculture. Vetiver root is the source of this incredible fragrance - and this tassel is pure, raw, untreated vetiver in its natural form, just bundled into a decorative tassel.

When left in a moist, closed environment like a typical bathroom or clothing drawer or anywhere on the Cape, the tassel exudes an amazing natural, earthy, woodsy fragrance, keeping the air fresh and scented without overdoing it.

Almost zero maintenance - just dip in water and let air dry if the fragrance needs refreshing. Fragrance will slowly fade over a few years. As a natural product, each one will vary somewhat in potency but all smell amazing.

Purchased through a Fair Trade Federation member organization, which ensures that sustainable incomes are paid to farmers, environmental standards are followed, and a long term commitment to the local community is upheld, creating long term opportunities for local reinvestment and economic growth.

Tassel measures approximately 9" in length (including wooden handle) by 2.5" in width, with a 16" woven rope cord. Handmade in Indonesia