• Hand Dipped Bayberry Tapers

Hand Dipped Bayberry Tapers

The finest, rarest wax used for making candles, bayberry candles are a time honored New England tradition for the holiday season. It is said that if you burn a bayberry candle during the period from Christmas to New Years, your home will be blessed with good luck for the coming year.

Hand dipped in pure bayberry wax with no artificial colors or fragrances added so you can enjoy the natural, earthy, spicy scent. Sold as a pair wrapped in a paper collar.

NOTE that the paper collar says that the candles are a blend but they are NOT - these are PURE Bayberry wax. Bayberry is extremely hard to find and they produce so little of these tapers per year that they haven't made a special collar just for the Bayberry tapers. Apologies for any confusion.

Pairs measure 9" in height, standard 7/8" diameter to fit standard taper holders.

Made in Missouri