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Handmade Recycled Tattered Old Bear

Handmade Recycled Tattered Old Bear


This tattered old bear has a very special story, which comes in a small book attached to his arm like a note from his mom.

From the note: "Dedicated to Robin, my daughter, to her love of bears and the sweet memories she has given us while growing up.

Bears are like friends; you can never have too many. Like friends, there is always that one Special Bear that wins your heart and becomes your very Best Bear Friend.

That very special bear that gets to sleep in your soft, warm bed, snuggled and smothered in your loving arms. A bear you tell your secrets to. A bear that goes wherever you go, being dragged around by an ear, leg or neck.

A bear that, with love, has lost an eye and has been patched time and time again.

A bear that, after years of being so loved, has lost part of his stuffing from all the hugs but still gets better with age and has become a member of the whole family. This tattered old bear that was once new was given to a sweet little girl on her first birthday.

One special bear whose name is Teddy, who will forever be loved by our daughter and everyone whose heart was touched by this Tattered Old Bear."

This teddy bear is hand made in Tollesboro, Kentucky of soft, worn felt  from recycled sweaters the artist happens upon that would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere.

Made the old fashioned way with tough stitching and no movable joints, this cuddly buddy will last a lifetime. Tattered Old Bear is is appropriate for age 3 and up.

Tattered Old Bear is ready to join your family, filled with new stuffing and love for his new owner. This bear will make someone a very loyal companion for years and years. Won't you adopt him?

Measures approximately 12" and weighs 3 ounces.

Hand made in Kentucky

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