• Ivory Esque Scented Candle

Ivory Esque Scented Candle


Part of Arcadia's scented candle collection since 2000, the Esque collection (pronounced "esk") has always been our best selling candle. A clear glass globe is carefully hand painted with gold and washed with colored wax which fades as the strongly scented candle burns. Enclosed in a silk wrapped and padded gift box and reasonably priced, this has always been a favorite gift for all occasions.

Fragranced with Northern Lights' unique blend entitled "Mysteria", it contains top notes of jasmine, lily and rose, balanced with woodsy fragrances of rosemary, thyme, basil, pine and juniper berry and more.

Package measures 4" square by 4" tall.

Candle burns up to 50 hours. Made in New York.