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Jolly Columbina Dark Blue Brocade Mask

Jolly Columbina Dark Blue Brocade Mask


This mask is handmade in Venice, Italy by artisans trained in the centuries-old technique perfected for the Carnevale. Using papier mache, plaster and cloth, the master mask maker creates a wearable piece of art in the finest tradition of Venice.

The masks are designed for wearing, with fabric ties attached, or for display in your home. For display, simply loop some fishing line through the eye holes and hang on a picture hook, or merely place on a display shelf.

This mask is covered in a patterned blue brocade, painted with gold accents and adorned with three bells - the better to announce your presence when you make your entrance to a room. The Columbina style mask is a half mask, leaving the lower half of the face exposed; ideal for wearing to an event where you will be eating or drinking.

Be daring, be outrageous, be swept away in the romantic elegance of Venice!

Approx. across 7.5" at the temples, 7" high, 14" from end to end. Item may not be in stock in our store so please add 3 days for delivery time.

Handmade in Venice, Italy.

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