Mariner's Star Keepsake Box


Classic American quilting patterns reborn in marquetry woodwork.

A magnificent, shimmery star guiding mariners home stretches across the entire lid of this box.

An FSC certified birch box is carefully covered with a glowing veneer of figured walnut with the star made up of Etimoe and Japanese ash. Using veneers allows for the least wasteful use of these precious woods  - they are generally the left overs from furniture makers. The veneers are highly polished and remain unstained to bring out the natural luster of each type of wood. A small brass peg allows for easy opening with brass hinges at the rear.

Box measures 6" square by 3" tall, is lined with a felt insert and has a wool felt bottom to protect your counter and the box for years of use and enjoyment. Weighs one pound, 10 ounces.

Handmade in New York