• Moose Head Made of Recycled Farm Tools
  • Moose Head Made of Recycled Farm Tools

Moose Head Made of Recycled Farm Tools


Nicknamed Bullwinkle by us here at Arcadia, this amazing piece of art with his soulful eyes is the ultimate in 21st Century man cave art. Made entirely out of recycled metal from old farm tools and harvesting machinery from western Pennslyvania, no animal was harmed in the making of this piece. The antlers come off for easy shipping and installation but are quite secure when in place. I would know - we had it hanging above the entryway to our spa when we were a "brick and mortar" store!

The artwork measures 18 high by 33" at the widest point, coming off the wall approximately 14" at the furthest point. Mounting is very straightforward. It attaches to the wall using three screw holes through the metal base; please use appropriate screws depending on your wall for proper fastening for years of enjoyment. You can mount this moosehead either indoors OR outdoors. To preserve the finish, simply apply a clear metal enamel spray, available at most hardware stores, or just let the elements add texture and patina over time.

Weighs approximately 45 lbs.

Made in Pennslyvania

Please allow approximately one week for production time; each piece is made to order, just for you!