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Web Leather Cuff


Totally cool. Combining 21st century technology with old world hand leather work, this cuff is both modern and old school.

Designed entirely on a computer, a laser draws the pattern out on a strong but supple piece of 8oz. American cowhide. The leather is then hand finished with aged brass fittings and a mahogany colored vegetable dye wash to give the piece that "instant aged" look.

We have two cuffs in stock; one has two sets of snaps, at either 7.75" and 8.75" lengths, the other at 8" and 8.5" lengths, so this is a perfect piece for a person of average to larger proportions. One of my favorite things about this design is how well it fits on your wrist, wrapping comfortably around wrist bones, with enough openings to let your skin breathe while still being a durable and cool design.

To confirm that this or any cuff will fit you or a friend, take some string and tie a loop around the wrist securely but not too tight. Cut with a scissors then measure the total length of the string. Remember that a cuff should be snug, unlike a bracelet that should be a bit looser.

Cuff measures 9.5" long by 1.85" wide.  Please specify at check out which snap length option you prefer. 

Hand made in Beacon, NY