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Porcelain Square Plate, Pale Pink

Mid Century Modern Chic!

Functional beauty at it's best. Oven, microwave, dishwasher and of course, food safe, this vitrified porcelain plate is made with real French Limoges mud with an especially high heat porcelain process to ensure maximum functionality (up to 300 degrees).

As with any porcelain, it is best to avoid over stacking or rough treatment to maintain the beautiful finish or transferring directly from cold to heat or heat to cold as temperature shock could occur.

Pale pink color is incorporated throughout the piece to provide a color depth not available from standard surface glazing. A clear glaze finish is applied to the top area of each piece, leaving the exterior with a beautiful, stone-like surface that becomes more smooth and supple with years of use.

Measures 8.75" square with a 1" raised trim at each corner, gently sloping between each corner.

Handmade in Australia

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