• Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock Art by Prudence Lawton

Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock Art by Prudence Lawton


Time to re-imagine your walls.

In this digital age, old school clocks are not so much functional (although they DO still tell time!) as an opportunity for artistic expression. The passage of daily time juxtaposed with wood from 18th and 19th century homes from Provincetown and Truro mixed with industrial scrap metals in this technologically focused age makes for a calming, centering piece of functional art for your home. A clock this size is perfect for a smaller room or wall or an accent piece amidst a wall of more traditional or modern artwork.

Measuring 14" in diameter by 1.25" deep, weighing approximately 1.25 lbs, the clockworks are made in the US and require only a single AA battery (included). Picture loop securely attached on the back for easy hanging. 

This is a completely one of a kind piece made entirely from found objects and scrap wood from old homes in Provincetown and Truro by Prudence Lawton, a year round Provincetown resident. This is the first time her work has been offered for sale to the general public.