Recycled Steel Candelabra



If you play Clue, THIS is the candelabra that could have done it!

Made of recycled steel from a garbage dump in Maine, this is a one of a kind, true work of functional art. Suitable for a dinner table or sideboard in almost any style decor, this impressive statement piece holds 5 candles with a maximum dimension of 2.25" in diameter. Each cup contains a metal spike to keep your candles securely in place, and the entire piece is well balanced to help keep your home securely and elegantly lit.

Candelabra measures 20" high, 11" wide from cup to cup, standing on a 5.5" diameter circular base. It weighs 5 lbs, 12 ounces.

Images 1-4 are the candelabra with less patina, images 5-7 are with more patina.

Handmade in Maine