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Secret Garden Fused Glass Mezuzah

This fused glass mezuzah case is decorated with a simple, elegant floral motif entitled "Secret Garden". Perfect for a housewarming or thank you present, this mezuzah will look perfect on any doorway.

Fused glass is particularly functional because all the color is sandwiched between two layers of thick glass, making it extremely durable and washable without the worry that the color will fade over time.

Andreas Meyer Glass Studios outside Tel Aviv, Israel, made uniquely beautiful, functional glass home accessories for many years. Unfortunately, the studio closed down years ago and there are almost no pieces of his left anywhere. For many years, we had a huge selection of his glass but this is our VERY LAST PIECE!

Measures 8" in length by 1.75" in width, fits a 4" parchment (not included) and weighs 3.2 ounces

Handmade in Israel.

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