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"Sedna - Goddess of the Sea" by Lucassie Aliqu


Sedna, or the Goddess of the Sea, is an important character in First Nation culture, found in various versions in many aboriginal communities surrounding the Arctic.

Depicted as what we might interpret as a mermaid, she is said to be the daughter of a Creator god, punished by her father and thrown into the sea where she flourished and became the ruler of all sea creatures, upon whom all First Nation people depend for survival. Mother of seals, whales, and walruses, she rules the deep and must be placated before fishing expeditions or she will not release her children to be hunted.

Handcarved of soapstone by First Nation artist Lucassie Aliqu, this piece comes with a seal showing that it was purchased directly from an official artist's cooperative for First Nation artwork and is verified for authenticity.

Measures 5.5" long by 4.5" tall by 2" deep.

Handmade by Lucassie Aliqu in Nunavut Territory, Canada.

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