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Silver Dragon Fly Split Cuff


Dragonflies symbolize courage, remembrance and transformation in many cultures.

Often found on the beaches of South Carolina, the artist draws inspiration from these amazing creatures with their unique shapes and fantastic flying abilities.

Cast in perfect detail in solid sterling silver and set between two bowed, polished bars of sterling silver, this large dragonfly seems to float on your wrist as if by magic. Light as a feather but sturdy in design, this cuff will last for a lifetime of inspiration for the wearer.

The dragonfly measures approximately 1.5" from nose to tail and the cuff will comfortably fit small to average sized bracelets as is, and can easily be expanded to fit larger wrists without damaging the design or look of the piece at all. Simply carefully and slowly pull the two arms apart to fit properly.

Handmade in Charleston, SC

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