• Titanium and Sterling Silver Rivets Domino Ring

Titanium and Sterling Silver Rivets Domino Ring


Industrial. Textural. Modern.

Buffed titanium is carefully incised into three sections, then perfectly riveted into place with sterling silver nails, giving almost the appearance of dominoes, lined up neatly one after another. The titanium band is couched inside a polished sterling silver liner with railings, creating a perfect contrast between the two metal colors on the edging.

With rivets spaced evenly across the entire ring, there is no "top" or "bottom" - it will look amazing no matter how it spins on your hand. This ring is an extremely popular "nontraditional" wedding band, especially for guys.

Ring measures 9MM in width, 1.5MM thick and is available in stock in a size 8 (US). Other sizes can be easily and quickly ordered, please email or call for more information.

Handmade in Charlottesville, VA