Trapezoid Bowl by Orrefors



A modern statement with timeless class.

Made by Orrefors, the royal glass blowing house of Sweden, this trapezoidal shaped bowl has many uses, but is magnificent as is, catching the sunlight and creating refractory rainbows everywhere.

Arrange a Japanese style zen garden within with sand, pebbles and a well placed lotus flower in water.

Cut 18 roses to just a 2" stem, then arrange to fill the bowl to a magnificent table centerpiece that will not block the view. As an added plus, because the stems are so short, the roses will last twice as long.

Fill with jelly beans. Just because.

Measures 11" at the longest point by 7.5" at the narrowest point, 4" high at the highest point, 2.5" high at the lowest, ,and weighs approximately 4lbs.

NOTE - Each piece has minor scratches in the bowl area, not on the sides, from poorly placed display items. The damage was too small to capture with a photograph but can be seen with the eye. They do not detract from the beauty of the piece, but would therefore not be ideal presents. Priced accordingly.

Made in Sweden