• Medium Twisted Titanium Cuff

Medium Twisted Titanium Cuff


Raw, rough, and real.

A solid square rod of raw 5mm titanium is hammered, bent and twisted into this completely one of a kind cuff, then flamed to create the subtle rainbow effect. Surprisingly comfortable due to careful shaping, it is perfect for those who are rough on their jewelry or want a cuff that is both subtle and definitely different.

May be worn in the shower or in the pool; it is impervious to pretty much any liquid you can throw at it.

Perfect for a 7-7.5" circumference wrist. To measure for sizing, tie a string closely around your wrist, cut it off with a scissors, then measure the length. Titanium cuffs can be adjusted larger or smaller by up to .5" by simply pulling the sides apart or pushing them together.

Handmade in Maryland