• Wood Noah's Ark Set

Wood Noah's Ark Set



Bring the Bible story to life.

This elegant miniature ark conceals pairs of giraffes, tigers, camels, elephants, and kangaroos, along with Noah and Mrs. Noah (did you know the Bible doesn't give her a name?). Simply lift the cabin and store the passengers inside.

This amazing set is made of sustainably harvested US grown maple , cherry and walnut. Expertly cut and assembled using master woodwork techniques, this set is durable and beautifully stained and finished to last for generations of imagination.

Ark measures 6" from bow to stern, 3" wide at the widest point and 4.5" tall. Individual pieces measure from 1 to 2" in length, .25" wide. Total set weighs 11 oz.

This set contains small pieces, which could present a choking hazard for younger children.

Handmade in Nebraska