• Just Bee White Birch Scented Candle

Just Bee White Birch Scented Candle


Because natural doesn't have to mean expensive.

100% natural wax blend of soy, coconut and beeswax is combined with a cotton wick and delicious fragrances and essential oils to produce this affordable, beautifully burning and deliciously fragrant candle.

The woodsy air of New England forest is mixed with hints of pine and a touch of ozone and wild mint to make this amazing fragrance. Reminders of the fragrance of a hike through Beech Forest in Provincetown, it's the perfect candle to freshen up your home any time of year.

Seven ounce candle will burn approximately 40 hours. Like with all scented candles, trim the wick between each use to 1/2" length for cleanest burn.

Hand poured in Illinois