Aquamarine Organic Blown Glass Centerpiece Bowl


Aquamarine glass and silver leaf are brought together organically, creating a large scale functional glass sculpture in an almost fluid shape that captures liquid energy and movement. 

Combining classic glassblowing techniques with contemporary art ideas, this piece is a masterpiece of modern glass art by David Thai, an award winning glass blower from the greater Toronto area whose work has been exhibited across Canada and the US.

This is a perfect centerpiece or statement piece. Ideal at center stage, but the uniquely rippled "corner" means that this piece can also fit into spots you would not normally think of for primary display, drawing the eye to it from anywhere in the room. If placed where sunlight or a spot light will light it, it explodes with light reflecting off the silver leaf.

For special occasions, add water and a water lily.

Bowl measures approximately 19.5" by 9.5" at the two most extreme axes, approximately 9.25" high, and weighs 8lbs.

Handmade in Canada