Bear Upcycled License Plate Belt Buckle



Made by hand from cut up pieces of expired license plates rescued from junkyards in Tennessee and surrounding states, this belt buckle has already survived years on the roads of America, so there is not much you can throw at it that it can't take. Coated with a sealant and framed in brass (gold or silver color brass), it should last for many years of daily use.

Buckle measures 2" high by 3" long, with a loop for belts up to 1.5" in width and weighs just a few ounces. The metal is from old license plates, so it may contain chemicals and components not intended for human consumption and could cause cancer if consumed. Love the buckle, don't lick it!

Note that due to the upcycled nature of this work, no two will ever be alike.

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Handmade just for Arcadia's customers in Tennessee.