• Candle Lid

Candle Lid


A brushed silver metal lid with rubber interior gasket which fits ALL of Arcadia's scented candles perfectly.  A well fitted lid can dramatically extend the usable life of a scented candle by keeping the fragrance from evaporating into the air and by keeping dust out of the candle wax between uses.

Lid fits candle glass that measures 3.25" in diameter (outside the glass).

SAFETY NOTE - Lids are NOT designed to be used as candle snuffers. The rubber gasket is flammable and the metal may melt if put in direct contact with a flame.

SALES NOTE - You may purchase a single lid for $3.95 WHEN COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER PURCHASE FROM THE WEBSITE ON THE SAME TRANSACTION. If you prefer to purchase individual lids alone, please use the option which includes $4 in USPS First Class trackable shipping costs.

Orders for individual lids without shipping included with no other purchases in the same transaction will be voided with funds returned.