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Cast Bronze Cape Cod Cat Boat


The classic Cape Cod Cat Boat, captured in cast bronze.

The boat of choice of generations of recreational racers and sailors across New England, cat boats have always been particularly popular in Provincetown.Originally brought to America by the British during the colonial era, they are known for use in classic races from Boston to Provincetown for hundreds of years. Cape Cod cat boats are noted for a particularly wide beam or width, almost half the waterline length, and this model is true to that proportion.

No polishing is needed, though a good rub with a soft cloth ever so often will give the boat an extra shine for decades of enjoyment. Makes a great paperweight on breezy days, or just a sturdy little reminder of that most quintessential element of Cape Cod life; life on the beautiful water that surrounds us.

Measures 7.25" from bow to keel, 3" wide and 10.5" tall to the top of the removable mast and weighs 2lb 4oz.

Handmade in Elk Rapids, MI

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