Fair Trade Alpaca Tribble Bear


If you are a specific age, or know your classic TV, you will know what a tribble is. If you're not, you need to watch some more classic TV, specifically the original Star Trek.

Made of astonishingly soft alpaca fur, these bears are literally impossible to put down once touched. Not for dirty fingered little children, this is a teddy bear for those old enough to appreciate such extreme plushness, which polyester could only fantasize about in it's wildest dreams.

Ethically sourced from small co-operative alpaca farms and imported into the US by a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Bears measure 10" tall by 8" wide by 4" thick (including fur!) and weigh approximately 3 ounces. For ages 6+, spot clean with a damp cloth and brush dirt out gently. Note that colors will vary from the picture samples for cream and caramel; this is the natural alpaca color, which I am sorting into darker and lighter options. The polar is a pure white.

Handmade in Peru