Fair Trade Baby Alpaca Scarves


The softest, warmest scarf you will ever own.

Made by women's cooperatives in Peru and imported into the US by a Fair Trade Federation member, this hand loomed scarf is so lightweight you might think it's a summer weight, but one minute of this scarf around your neck and you will realize it's likely the warmest scarf you've ever worn, and definitely the softest and lightest.

These scarves are made from the softest, highest grade alpaca fibers confusingly called "baby alpaca" even though its from an adult alpaca (leave the babies alone!). These fibers are carefully sheared from the chest of the alpaca, rather than the rougher fibers from their back and necks, making them astonishingly soft. Alpaca fibers are famous for being hollow, making them both incredibly lightweight and incredibly warm, capturing body heat and keeping you protected from wind and weather.

Generously proportioned at 12" wide by 66" long, plus 3" tassels on each long end, these can easily wrap around multiple times for extra protection in the worst weather. Dry clean or hand wash only.

Handmade in Peru