• Fair Trade Sandalwood Bracelet

Fair Trade Sandalwood Bracelet


For years, customers have asked, "is any of this your work?" and the answer was always that I choose everything, and design a few things for other people to make for me, but make? No. Not me. Until now!

One of the founders of the Fair Trade Federation imports amazing product from the Tibetan community in exile from Nepal and India. For years they imported hand carved sandalwood malas, the traditional Buddhist prayer necklaces - but the supply of ethically sourced sandalwood disappeared so they were forced to stop producing them. Along the way, some necklaces inevitably broke, leaving a significant pile of individual sandalwood beads, which I have now purchased, strung onto elastic, and am offering as bracelets!

Sandalwood has an amazing, subtle fragrance and will absorb oils from your skin over time which will make the wood darker and more lustrous.

Available in any size you like - I make them custom, just for you! Larger sizes are more expensive to compensate for the number of beads, which are very limited in quantity. Once their gone, that's the end, so order today!

If you break your bracelet, no worries. Just let me know - I'll hook you up. I know a guy....