Fair Trade Semi Precious Stone Bead Bracelets


Your daily bracelet. Done.

Designed by me, and custom made just for Arcadia (but the owner of the company I bought them from loved them so much, the owner is now wearing one too), this is a triple win.

  • A fantastic, easy to wear (NO clasp - it's durable elastic) bracelet that is perfect for wearing from the beach to the office, for men and women. 
  • Made by a member of the Fair Trade Federation in Thailand so it is ethically sourced and produced.
  • AND it comes at an amazingly affordable price.

Available in four sizes from small, 7", 7.5", 8' and 8.5" in seven different color options, all of which look great together. Stones are a matte finish but will develop a shine over years of wear. The metal spacer beads are non-reactive 100% nickel free brass. You can even shower and swim in these, no trouble at all.

I routinely wear three 8" pieces together or two with a medium sized Twisted Steel Cuff or paired with the 8" Fair Trade Sandalwood Bracelet that I make myself (steel cuff and sandalwood bracelet are both available online and in store). Note that the bracelets shown are my own, some of which are now 3 years old and worn daily including in the gym and in the shower (so that's hundreds of showers by now).

Handmade in Thailand