HaNerot HaLalu Brushed Pewter Menorah


Modern, yet ancient.

The classic Hanukkah song, HaNerot HaLalu, comes from the Bablyonian Talmud and reminds those lighting the candles why we continue to do so, thousands of years after the miracle of Hanukkah happened. Deeply etched into a solid pewter bar with tapered ends and a stacked Star of David for the shamash, or worker candle, used to light the other candles. this menorah is a custom piece just for Arcadia, a collaboration with the artist.

Menorah measures 12" long by 1.25" wide by .75" tall, with the shamash an additional .5" above that, and weighs one pound. Pewter is sealed so it does not require any polishing.

Made in Pittsburgh, PA