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Helltown Merman Baseball Shirt


The quintessential Provincetown baseball style shirt (with 3/4 length sleeves) - designed and made locally, exclusive to Arcadia.

A furry, muscled merman rises from the bay, covered in tattoos of Provincetown lore.

Helltown refers to an old fisherman's settlement out at Herring Cove beach aka Boy Beach and Hatches Harbor (where the breakwater is now), which was beyond the last Puritan parish church in Truro. It was therefore the scene of much carousing, drinking, partying and carrying on when the fishermen were not hard at work, and condemned as a helltown by the righteous of Truro parish.

Not much has changed, thankfully!

Shirt is charcoal heather body with black arms from American Apparel 50/50 cotton/poly blend for superb softness from the first instant and long lasting wear without any shrinkage.

Made in Provincetown


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