• Hypothetical Situation Card

Hypothetical Situation Card


Card reads: "Hypothetical situation: I call you up and ask you out. Do you (A) laugh uncontrollably as you kindly inform me you would rather nude-wrestle a large peasant woman in front of your entire office while a cable television superstation broadcasts it to the entire free world? Or do you (B) say yes, wherein I come over to your place, dim the lights, and visit upon your body an apocalypse of love?"

Put your personalized message in the Custom Comments box and I will write it in the card for you (150 character max).

Blank inside, printed on heavy matte finish card stock measuring 5.75" square and includes an oatmeal colored envelope.

Printed using classic letterpress technique by Lane Foard of Squibnocket Cards in San Francisco, CA, available exclusively at Arcadia while supplies last!