• Lambswool Large Sloth from England

Lambswool Large Sloth from England


Sigh. It's a lambswool sloth. Nuf said.

Knit of top quality English lambswool with stitched nose and eyes, this ultrasoft sloth is not just totally chilled out, but once held in your hands, will automatically reduce your blood pressure by 20%. I read it on social media, so it must be true. Hugging it reduces your cholesterol 10%. They eat ice cream, so you have to factor that in. Really.

Be warned, their long arms are cute but useless - they will NOT hug back. You won't care.

Measures 19" tall, 10" wide, 4.5" thick (there's that ice cream) and weighs 15 ounces. Suitable for children 3+, dry clean only.

Made in London, England