• Owl Porcelain Night Light

Owl Porcelain Night Light


A curved porcelain lithophane shields the night light bulb and creates this beautiful image.

Lithophanes are a 19th Century invention, in which an image is carefully carved into wax, then a mold is made from that wax using plaster, similarly to how jewelry is often cast from a wax carving. Porcelain is then poured into the mold, then fired in a kiln, creating a translucent shield with incredible depth and clarity, with the durability of porcelain.

Each shield rests in a metal frame that swivels, allowing proper positioning and easy access to the LED bulb included. Should the shield or light fixture ever need replacing, they separate easily and the clip that holds them together will clip onto a standard night light.

Comes packaged in a gift box with a card that explains the history of the process.

Made in California