Paint Skin Paintings by Erin McGillivray


Erin McGillivray is an artist and art instructor in Tofino, British Columbia. With a Waldorf education, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design of Vancouver, BC.

Her Paint Skins are an exploration of composition and execution that is organic and about process. It is an acceptance of flaws, imperfections, damage and reconstruction as evidence of the process enforcing itself upon the artist's perfect conceptions and goals. By accepting this process, the artist instead searches out "flaws" and magnifies them - cutting into the surface, roughening the edges, then peeling the entirety of the painting/construction off the "canvas" of glass, exposing the underbelly of the work to the world. It is then mounted onto wood for display.

The final piece is about acceptance of the ultimately uncontrollable nature of both art and life. This acceptance is an understanding that our greatest medium is our own life.

Paint skins measure 11.5" by 17.5", 2" deep, are signed and dated on the back and may be hung horizontally or vertically.  Use code "ErinM" at check out if purchasing 3 or more for a 15% discount.

Made in Tofino, BC