Porcelain Piggy Banks Inlaid with Swarovski Crystals


This is one tricked out pig! Done up as only a native NuYawka pig could be, these little piggies were handmade in Broad Channel, Brooklyn.

The artist decorates this totally functional porcelain piggy bank with the traditional millefiore technique, substituting Fimo for glass. Fimo is a type of clay similar to Play-Doh used by artists; when fired it becomes hard like porcelain, enabling artists to produce spectacular colors in minute detail. As if that were not enough, the artist then embellishes each pig with dozens of Swarovski crystals, and signs and dates each piece along the bottom.

No two pigs are ever even remotely similar; all are true works of art that are one of a kind.

Measures: Approx 5" from snout to curly tail. 4.5" tall. 3.5" across the belly and weighs 14 ounces.

Made in Brooklyn.